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What do we do?

The Crown Consulting group was established in 2019, from a rich and varied project background. We have narrowed our deliverables down to work that we are good at and work that we enjoy. Project work is at the core of our model, in which we deliver successfully and safely time after time - meaning that we always exceed our clients expectations., 

Project Consulting

Crown Consulting's senior management have completed industry relevant qualifications in risk and project management - our design work is extremely in-depth. We produce client tailored, academically backed risk management strategies and physical asset protection management systems (PAPMS) for all long term operations. 

For short life cycle projects, we have a core deployable asset that can provide immediate assistance, consulting services and in-depth security surveys. 

Partnered Projects

Crown Consulting has partnered with a variety of vetted and subject matter expert companies. We have aligned with an industry leading Unmanned Aerospace & Defence company to provide specialist aviation technology and advanced overwatch capabilities, for projects in remote and austere conditions.