Central American footprint

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Crown Consulting LATAM S.A.

In 2020, the Crown Consulting footprint was extended to Central America with the creation of the Honduran Subsidiary: Crown Consulting LATAM S.A.

Initially formed to facilitate in our extractives project, it has now grown to facilitate a variety of ad-hoc and long term projects. 


LATAM Services

With principle offices in Tegucigalpa and satellite offices in San Pedro Sula (North) and Choluteca (South), Crown Consulting LATAM is able to provide former government security officers, armed security details, armoured logistics, legal, authority and 'fixer' assistance across the Central American region. 

Western Gateway

Our Honduran entity allows Crown Consulting's UK security operators to facilitate projects such as media, extractives and high profile visits.


Crown Consulting and its subsidiary, are in a position of regional dominance. We will work with you to design a cost effective and successful hostile region project.