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Strategy & implementation

Crown Consulting provides academically  backed, experience led, risk management

and strategic design

What are We?

An international risk consultancy based out of the UK with a Central American footprint. We specialise in risk management strategic solutions for commodity and precious cargo logistics, oil and gas sector, market entry solutions, close protection and surveillance/intelligence gathering. Our operating procedures adhere to internationally recognised; security design, academic standards and frameworks.

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Who are we?


Jordan Crown PGCert M.ISRM

A certified security and risk manager currently specialising in multiagency security design, programme management and risk architecture in Central America. With a background in risk management strategies for international enterprises, media agencies, international sporting events and high net worth families.


Crown Consulting is headed up by Jordan Crown. He set the foundations to be an industry recognised security consultant and risk manager, during a successful British military career with multiple deployments to the Balkans and the Middle East.

What do we do?

Hostile Environments

Working in some of the world's most dangerous countries, Crown Consulting has proven that

they can confidently deliver client expectations safely and to a global leading standard. Our highly skilled operators are selected and trained specifically for their tasks, ensuring their firearms proficiency and medical qualifications are in date.

Executive Protection

Media Safety Advising

Consulting & Design

All of Crown Consulting's staff have worked a variety of executive protection jobs from high end sporting events, UHNW families to foreign royalty. Our staff are all Close Protection (UK) licensed and have the equivalent of at least first person on scene medical qualifications.

Media safety advising work is a niche domain within the security industry. Crown Consulting has been privileged to work along side some of the industry's leading media advisors and work as media safety advisor instructors.

Crown Consulting's senior management has completed industry related qualifications in risk and project management.  Our design work is extremely in-depth. We produce client tailored, academically backed risk assessments and RASP (Risk, Architecture, Strategy, Process) documents for all long term operations. 


“Jordan Crown is an expert in his domain without a doubt. He has helped our company move forward in a complex environment through managing with due processes, design and strategy. He not only applies strict and effective methodologies, but has the character & flexibility to understand and adapt to the human and cultural differences presented. Jordan is a unique professional, a natural leader and more so, a value driven human being.”

Eduardo Joffroy G. investor & managing partner @ JG Capital and Joffroy Global